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Landowners within the Parish boundary were invited by the Site Identification Group to identify land that they would be interested in being considered for development as part of the Neighbourhood Plan.  All submissions have been posted on this site and can be found below.

You should be aware that at no stage in the process has anyone been invited to vote on any particular site.  The process of site selection for the plan is being done by reference to a set of Site Selection Criteria.  Each site will then be individually scored against these criteria, and all results will be publicly available as part of the Plan.

The map below gives an approximate representation of the sites proposed by landowners. For detailed plans refer to the individual submissions below the map.

Please note that there is no significance whatsoever to the assignment of colours to the sites below.  It has been done purely for the purposes of making each distinguishable one from another.

Potential Development Sites

A large scale copy of this map is available to view at the Goring Parish Council Offices, which are open to the public Mondays from: 2pm to 5pm and Wednesdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Other times by Appointment.