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Make your views count on Goring’s biggest change for 50 years

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An exhibition of sites selected by the Goring Plan was held on the 10th December, from 10am to 3pm, in the Village Hall. Many thanks to everyone who came along to view the information and views gathered from us, the residents and businesses of Goring have shaped the selection criteria.

Members of the Steering Group and Working Groups were on hand to explain the selection process.

All of the materials presented on that day can be found here

A summary of the Goring Neighbourhood Plan Site Selection Objectives, Criteria and Measures, designed to be used in the Site Selection Process.

A Landscape Capacity Study was commissioned to detail the impact of each of the proposed sites with regards to many physical and visual factors. Please note, due to the size of the report, it is recommended that it is NOT downloaded over mobile connections.

The Site Selection Priorities Method And Results takes you through the priorities of the villagers of Goring for Site Selection and the results of the Site Selection Priorities Survey.

The Neighbourhood Plan, once completed, will have statutory force as part of the South Oxfordshire District Council Local Plan 2032, meaning that it will become a formal part of the planning process by which all future housing developments for the village will be decided. It will only be taken forward, however, if there is a majority in favour of it at a village referendum which is scheduled to be held in May 2017.

Housing Need for Goring

The village is currently required by the Government to find land for 86 dwellings between now and 2030. There is further pressure to increase this number to help SODC and Oxfordshire attain high level housing targets, but only if suitable development land can be identified. In the absence of a Neighbourhood Plan, locations for large scale development in and around the village would be decided by SODC. The Neighbourhood Plan, therefore, gives the village the chance to determine its own future.

What will the Neighbourhood Plan Cover?

The Plan will determine:

  • the best sites for development, using criteria decided by the people of Goring, together with national and local planning guidelines
  • type of housing (eg houses or flats, number of bedrooms etc, determined by the perceived need for housing in the village)
  • design criteria