As part of South Oxfordshire’s Core Strategy for housing, it has been determined that Goring will need to find space for at least another 86 dwellings, and possibly even more, in the next 10 years.

The community of Goring has two options. The first is to allow South Oxfordshire District Council to decide where these dwellings will go. The second, which we have elected to take, is to make the decision ourselves, through a democratic and transparent process known as a Neighbourhood Plan – this is a relatively new approach, introduced by the government a few years ago, to enable communities like ours to have a real say in what happens to their environment.

This website tells you all you need to know about the Goring Neighbourhood Plan.

School – A Considered Approach

The Neighbourhood Plan group would like to put the record straight about recent communications from the Primary School Governors to parents and villagers and also about the petition which was started as a result and has caused such a major division in the village. Please read the two attached statements. The first statement is by the Steering Group which attempts to give an open and balanced view about the status and options available to address the important issues facing the Primary School. The second statement is a letter from the responsible authority in Oxford County Council outlining its position on the background and way forward. The Steering Group remains committed to working in an open and transparent way to produce a Neighbourhood Plan which takes into account the extensive feedback from 5 major village consultations, serves the interests of Goring as a whole and addresses the housing and infrastructure issues facing the village including the school.